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The Facilities

Utilizing the top training equipment, programs, and coaches in the industry, The Lab provides a training atmosphere that promotes healthy living, hard work, discipline, and self growth. Whether you are looking for a private court to get up some shots, want to play some officiated pickup games with your friends, or want to improve your skills with daily skills clinics, The Lab is the place for you!

We're All About Improvement

The Lab is in talks to undergo a massive renovation with you in mind! From an upstairs lounge and viewing area, to class rooms, new floors and updated design throughout, The Lab hopes to transform the same way we transform your excellence! Check back frequently for updates on these future improvements.

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Dr. Dish FCLTY Basketball Shooting Machine - NEW.png

Now Available for Use!
Dr. Dish Shooting Stations

Fully loaded with an 8” touchscreen, leaderboard capabilities, multi-player stat tracking, and remote casting, shooters can develop their skills faster than ever before with our Dr. Dish Shooting Machine Stations. 

Noah Shooting Science Station

At every level, players are able to use the product to make more shots and win more games. Already being used by many of the top 3-point shooters in the world, Noah Basketball includes a community of athletes at every age and level. The best part is that this premium technology is included with your Basic Membership at no additional cost to you!

Noah Shooting Science.webp
Strenght Station

Strength Station

Basketball players can achieve a number of benefits from a properly structured and supervised weight training program. Here is a quick list of some of the benefits:

  • Protection from injuries

  • Enhance Speed and Quickness

  • Lean muscle development

  • Improved athletic skills

  • Feeling Great

Game Changing!
Neuro-Training Station

Reflexion is a game-changing cognitive sports training service designed to improve performance in competition. Using a state-of-the-art touchscreen lightboard powered by cloud-based technology and data analytics, Reflexion accelerates and strengthens cognitive processes and skills such as peripheral vision, decision making, reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

Reflexion Training

The Lab Barber Shop

What better way to top off your daily training with a fresh cut from 2 of the best barbers in the business. At The Lab, we know your time is valuable, so we have brought you 2 of the best barbers out there, onsite to the facility at your service to get you right, on and off the court. 

To book your appointment, click the link below.

Book with Christian
Book with T

New for October 2022!
Prevention and Recovery

What you may not realize is that stretching and recovery will enhance your flexibility, prevent muscle soreness, improve the range of motion within your joints and increase the blood flow to your muscles- all things that will contribute to your growth as a basketball player. Stretching and recovery is also essential in preventing injuries. Coming October 2022, The Lab is partnering with the StretchSpot to bring you the best in sports recovery and stretching.

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