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The Lab Academy is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing life skills, communication, and real-world preparation for youth and teens using basketball as the forefront language to promote those valuable skills.

Placed within The Lab Sports Facility in Carson, CA., the Lab Academy uses high-level basketball trainers, mentors, and teachers to bring these life-changing ideas to our youth in order to not only prepare them for challenges on the court, but also for life off the court. 

Here's a few ways the Lab Academy fulfills their purpose:

- Provides a safe-haven for the community's youth to train without the unnecessary pressures of outside influences.

- Provides free community events to keep kids on the court and off of the streets

- Provides fund-raising opportunities and scholarships for those who may not be able to pay for services

- Provides high-level basketball training for all levels, races, abilities, etc.

- Provides classes for self-development and nutrition

- Provides internship opportunities for youth

- Provides pre, during, and post workout knowledge for safe training habits to prevent injury and promote longevity

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